Closing Gala For Friday Nights with Yury Revich at the StadtPalais Liechtenstein!!



Η δική μας Mia Papaefthimiou   και οι συνεργάτες της σας καλούν στο Gala  που οργανώνουν με αφορμή τα 50 χρόνια φιλίας Αυστρίας -Σιγκαπούρης.




28. OCTOBER 2016, 19:00pm
Entry: 18:45pm
Bankgasse 9, 1010 Vienna


We kindly invite you to our Friday Nights with Yury Revich Closing Gala, celebrating 50 Years Austrian – Singaporean relations with great music, wine and exotic bites.


Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore, His Excellency Soo Kok Leng will host the reception.


Event location kindly sponsored by Dr. Wilson Goh & Mrs Karen Goh.
The instruments of the FRIDAY NIGHTS WITH YURY REVICH Quartet are sponsored by the Goh Family Foundation.


Ticket price: 30EUR
For reservations:


Due to space limitations, please confirm your attendance promptly by 21.October 2016.



Music Program:
(Presentation by Mia Papaefthimiou & Florian Godovits)

Divertimento in C Hoboken XIV by Joseph Haydn
for piano, 2 violins & cello

Florian Felmair – piano
Yury Revich – 1st violin
Ljuba Kalmykova – 2nd violin
Brendan Goh – cello

Pezzo Capriccioso op. 62 by Piotr Tchaikovsky
Dance of the Elves by David Popper
Brendan Goh – cello

Devil’s trill Sonata by Giuseppe Tartini
Yury Revich – violin
Chizu Miyamoto – piano

Passacaglia by George Frideric Haendel – Johan Halvorsen
Yury Revich – violin
Brendan Goh – cello

Dante Sonate by Ferenc Liszt
Florian Felmair – piano

«Vienna, city of my dreams»
Elli Papadiamanti – mezzo soprano
Florian Feilmair – piano

3 Folk Dances for String Quartet by Kelly Tang.
* 1st movement : «Rasa Sayang»
* 2nd movement : «Bengawan Solo»
* 3rd movement : «Di Tanjong Katong»

Friday Nights with Yury Revich Ensemble

Yury Revich – 1st violin (Stradivari 1709)
Ljuba Kalmykova – 2nd violin (Landolfi 1760)
Dana Goh – viola (Soffretti 1929)
Brendan Goh – cello (Vuillaume 1844)

Friday Nights with Yury Revich Team

Contact and Reservation:

Mehr Informationen:
The concept of Friday Nights with Yury Revich is based on a dialogical cooperation between different forms of music, performing and applied arts, fashion, theatre and literature with the target to create a platform for young musicians and artists to present their work and cooperate with world known artist of different branches, as well as opening new perspectives in seeing music and hearing to arts.

Having a specific concept for each event, as human rights, freedom of expression, we also raise awareness for different causes as autism and breast cancer.

We look forward to welcome you on the 28th of October,

with best regards,

Yury Revich / Violinist – Music Director / ECHO Klassik 2016 Winner

Mia Papaefthimiou / Curator – Art Director

Emil Eypeltauer / Project Coordinator

Yuliya Draganova / Project Coordinator






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