The Miracle




Pure Love undeniable,

touched me thoroughly

as a pigeon opens its wings

flying overwhelmed

to the Almighty

like a holy ceremony

in your  lighten heart!


I called YOU silently

giving my hands to YOU.

I prayed with devoutness.


A new Breath

as a bared thirst

came out from my soul,

like a huge wave

feeling ecstasy

to your great Glory!


A New Era begun,

I was dazzled

by your deep devotion.


A strong commitment

became a sacred rule

to protect our human race from evil.


Be Brave my Dear

Be In Light

I will be here eternally

to feel any pain!

to heal any wound!

to dispel any grey clouds of your Life!


©By Mina Boulekou

Poetress Member of the World Poetry Canada International



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